Liquid 2500kpa 150w/M.K Graphene Material

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Application: Boat ,car LED Etc Chemical Composition: Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene
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2500kpa graphene liquid


150w/m.k graphene liquid


150w/m.k Graphene Material

Product Description

Advanced Carbon Nanotube Heat Cooling Coating Nano Coating Used for Car LED



1.Product overview


Radiation Heat Cooling Coating is a kind of coating that radiate heat, which could send out the heat from the objects in the form of 1-13.5m

Wave length so that to low the temperature of inside and outside of objects. It can be used in vacuum environment and not subject to surroundings Whats more it has obvious effectiveness in heat cooling. When performing the function of radiation heat cooling, the coating is of the characteristics of self-cleaning property, non-corrosibility, waterproofness, fireproofing, insulativity, acid and alkali stability and constructing convenience etc.


2.Working principle


Radiation heat cooling coating adopts high-performance cooling solution, which is of some special performance such as high visible light, near infrared reflectance, thermal infrared emissivity and stability. Meanwhile It is of good physical and chemical properties as well as application property and various compound performance.


The working principle of this radiation solution is to produce binding force by the condensate of inorganic colloidal particles(less than 100nm). The addition of materials as graphene which of high pyroconductivity and radioactivity increased the coefficient of thermal conductivity. The nonmaterial component that make the coating surface smooth in macro view and rough in micro view could greatly increase the contact area of heat sink with outside, reduce the heat shield, significantly increased the cooling effect.

At the same time, the adding of large quantity of various spinel as Composite infrared radiator, which is transited by electron not only increased the impurity level, improved the coefficient of infrared radiation but also keeping the excellent performance such as corresponding thermal stability, heat resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.


In order to overall improve the strength and stability of cooling coating, we also add Rare Earth Oxide in it to improve the activity of coating composition. REO is the preferred material for doping and stabilizing coating structure.


Main Characteristics
  1. Radiation heat cooling coating is of high thermal conductivity and large cooling surface area.Meanwhile within a wide wavelength range (1-20m), it has high emissivity, which can significantly improve the compound performances as conduction, convection and radiation cooling.
  2. Radiation heat cooling coating can operate steadily in high temperature, including thermal and chemical stability, good weather resistance and Acid and alkaline resistance.
  3. Radiation heat cooling coating can strongly combine with metal and ceramic substrate. It has enough mechanical strength, toughness and will not peel off by the suddenly change of temperature.
  4. Radiation heat cooling coating is of good coating process, which make performance easy and convenient. It can protect the objects in the long run due to its characteristics of abrasion resistance, shock resistance and long service life.
  5. Radiation heat cooling coating is a new type of environmental and energy saving coatings. It does no harm to human body before and after construction.



3. Coating parameters


Film color Multi colors


hardness 5H


heat conductivity coefficient >=150w/mk


strength of extension 2500kpa


reflectivity in visible region 85%


anti-corrosion property good


reflectivity near infrared region 80%


adhesive force Grde 1


300 k infrared hemisphere reflectivity 90%


damp heat test 2000 h


applicable temperature -50~600


aging test 2000 h


volume resistivity 1×10^12·m


water resistence 72h


oil resistivity 72H


acid-base resistance property 72h


The Application of Radiation Cooling Coating to LED light


Ps: Tests confirmed that there is a difference of 7 degrees between with radiation cooling coating and without radiation cooling coating.


4. Application:


Radiation heat cooling coatings are with high heat insulation property, and easy to use and meanwhile with protective and decorative function. The object which need to enhance heat dissipation, brush in thin layer, and the object need heat preservation can coat according to actual circumstance to brush a certain thickness.


Coating has high chemical stability and environmental impact is small, and can be used in to the main heat source like solar heat or infrared radiant heat


1, Acidic, alkaline and corrosive environment


2, High and low temperature changing environment


3, High humidity environment


4, High cleanliness requirements of the environment


5, Movement, rotation, vibration environment


6, Limited space or weight of the environment


7, Environment which is in limited inspection and maintenance


8, Alien, irregular and conventional adiabatic constrained environment




5, Target Objects:




Coating with excellent adhesion, easy construction, almost can be used on any clean, dry surface




Coating can besmear to brush in steel, cast iron, zinc, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, magnesium, stone, wood, cement, brick, ceramics, glass, textiles, plastics, paper, organic glass, asbestos, various kinds of fiber board, veneer, asphalt, bubble the foam (sponge), polyurethane, polypropylene coating surface, etc.




In order to guarantee the adhesion effect, if necessary, should make proper preprocessing for the surface




6, Thickness:




According to wavelength penetration , generally is the stronger the penetrating power and the wavelength, the greater the thickness is. If it is used for thermal insulation or is cold, and the thickness of coating on heat resistance (thermal conductivity), should choose according to different purposes.


This product has been able to Swiss environmental certification, CQC China quality environmental protection product certification.



Product Details

Liquid 2500kpa 150w/M.K Graphene Material 0

Field Of Application:


On the one hand it is used to objects which needed heat cooling, such as CPU, LED lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances, racks, wire and cable, radiator, fan, heat pipe, water tank, transportations etc. On the other hand, it also can be used in the smaller transmission coefficient objects. Coating in plastic, rubber, PVC, cloth, leather, pottery, porcelain, cement, paper, glass, wood to speed up the cooling.


The surface resistance of graphene conductive coating is lower than that of carbon black and carbon nanotubes. When the amount of graphene is 5% (the amount has been converted into graphene dry powder, and the surface resistance of the coating is 103 Ω / sq


When 5% graphene is added to the water-based acrylic electromagnetic shielding coating, the surface resistance of the coating reaches 101 Ω / sq, which greatly improves the electromagnetic shielding rate, and it still performs well at high frequency.


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